Bhutan Adventure Travel

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Bhutan Adventure Travel

European Alps

Highlights: Visit to the famous Tsechu festival in Bhumthang, the cultural heartland of Bhutan. The best way to immerse yourself in Bhutan’s rich Buddhist culture and traditions. Visit timeless traditional villages tucked away in pristine mountain landscapes.

Trip Summary: Bhutan adventures travel offers the perfect introduction to Bhutan! The itinerary has been designed to give you a wide variety of experiences though it will be an adventure enjoyed in comparative comfort because every night is spent either in a hotel or a comfortable lodge. The hikes are gentle as compared to trek and every day hike has an interesting objective taking you to many temples, hermit retreats, old palaces, and village homes or simply into lovely scenery.

There are also exciting road journeys taking you slowly on twisting mountain roads, over passes and when it gets monotonous, we will make stops to take incursions into the roadside villages and come in contact with the people and nature.


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  • Seasons: March to May, September to November
  • Trip Style: Cultural Tours
  • Trip Difficulties: ▲▲
  • Seasons: Standard
  • Avg Altitude: 2302 m (7552 ft)