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We are the premier travel and tour company in the Himalayan region. By focusing on small groups and sustainable practices, we serve visitors to this unique region with excellent value and unparalleled personal service. Our guides are ready to custom-build a seamlessly planned adventure, tailored to your interests and budget.

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The tiny Himalayan nation of Nepal has long been a Mecca for trekkers, mountaineers and nature lovers. Sandwiched between India and China, Nepal’s borders contain 8 of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world, including, of course, the highest: Mt. Everest. Though Nepal is a small country (its territory is roughly 500 miles long by 150 miles wide, slightly smaller than the state of Florida), Nepal contains varied ecosystems ranging from tropical lowlands in the south to the arctic conditions of the mountainous north.

Discover Tibet

Tibet, known as the “roof of the world”, is the largest and highest plateau on earth. You are surrounded by either hills or mountains; in many cases by both while traveling in Tibet. Great views of the Himalayas are unmatched by any other destinations in the South East Asia region. Most places in Tibet have elevation of higher than 3,500 meters. Here, a minivan or a jeep can take you to the Everest base camp and enjoy the spectacular north face view of Mt. Everest.

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